Tikal Prop Gel

Propeller anti-fouling

Tikal PROP GEL is a novel teflon-based propeller anti-fouling product

Tikal PROP GEL is a creamy, very adhesive, soft paste which is painted onto the cleaned propeller.

The material remains soft and as a result prevents vegetation sticking to the propeller.

PROP GEL is applied to the propeller with a spatula shortly before setting out to sea, and then painted on with a bristle brush to give a complete coat.

PROP GEL contains no biocides.

PROP GEL was tested on 35 yachts in 2009 in collaboration with the magazine PALSTEK in a large field trial.

The test ships had very different fouling pressures and berths (Mediterranean, Baltic, North Sea) and therefore make up a good average.
Over half of the test subjects found the material so good that they would buy it again! (see Palstek 02 / 2010).
We changed the material somewhat after this trial and we believe it will now be even more effective.