TSC is a highest quality material for sealing teak deck joints.

TSC is produced for 25 years.

Al Salamah – Teak Deck Refit

We guarantee the properties of TSC for 10 years ( black) and 6 years (grey, white).

This sets us far ahead of our competitors and prooves our big trust in the material.


Alexander – Teak Deck Refit

TSC had been used on many Mega- and Superyachts.

TSC References


It is extremely longterm durable vs. UV light and extremely longterm flexible.


Vava II – Teak Deck Refit

Technical data
Base Advanced Silanpolymer
Consistancy paste
Colours Black, grey, (white)
Extrusion Rate 230 g/min
Skin Formation 5 min.
Tack Free Time 30 min.
Curing speed (25°C / 65% R.H.) 3 mm in 24 h
Hardness Shore A 35
Density 1,25 g/ml
Tensile Strength 1,72 N/mm²
Adhesion to Teak 3,00 N/mm²
Elongation at break 350 %
Temperature resistance - 30°C to 150° C
Application temperature 5°C to 45°C