Tikalflex TSC plus

TSC becomes TSCplus
From March 2022, our tried and tested top product Tikalflex TSC will be discontinued and replaced by the new TSCplus.

Until the end of 2022 the old TSC will be available exclusively in 300ml cartridges.
The 600ml sausage will be sold from March 2022.The cartridges will continue to be produced only in black, the sausages in black, grey and –
as a special colour – white.

Technical informations:


• TSCplus has a higher adhesion to the seams, better elasticity and is a little faster tack-free.
• TSCplus no longer contains any dangerous, harmful ingredients.
• TSCplus has the MareED IMO certificate.
• Our BLACK becomes darkblack, less brownish as the old TSC, so that refits on ships with
Sikalflex DC are possible without colour differences.
• We still offer a 10-year warranty on our top product.



Al Salamah – Teak Deck Refit


Alexander – Teak Deck Refit

Vava II – Teak Deck Refit

Technical data
Base Advanced Silanpolymer
Consistancy paste
Colours Black, grey, (white)
Extrusion Rate 230 g/min
Skin Formation 5 min.
Tack Free Time 25 min.
Curing speed (25°C / 65% R.H.) 3 mm in 24 h
Hardness Shore A 39
Density 1,25 g/ml
Tensile Strength 1,7 N/mm²
Adhesion to Teak 3,00 N/mm²
Elongation at break 670 %
Temperature resistance - 30°C to 150° C
Application temperature 5°C to 45°C