TIKALFLEX Contact 12

TIKALFLEX Contact 12 is a shrink-free, very strong, weatherproof MS polymer adhesive for all kinds of bonding assignments in the maritime or mobile environment.

This MS polymer adhesive is suitable for permanently elastic, fixed, vibration-resistant bonds, can be used to compensate tolerances and can be sanded when cured.

TIKALFLEX Contact 12 can be used for applications above and below water.

TIKALFLEX Contact 12 hardens on exposure to humidity, can be coated with normal varnish after hardening and shows good resistance to nitric acid, caustic soda, oil and diesel.

Technical data
Chemical base MS Polymer
Application temperature 0°C to 40°C
Application rate 150 g / min
Resistance to flow < 2 mm
Density 1,54 g / ml
Skin forming time 10-15 min
Curing speed (25°C / 65% R.H.) 2 mm
Shelf-life for storage at 5°C to 25 °C 18 Month
Expansibility in practice + / – 25 %
Shore A hardness 60
Tensile strength 2,3 N / mm²
Elongation at failure 350 %
Saltwater- and weathering resistance Yes