TSC Bond

Tikalflex TSC Bond is a one-part, paste like neutral cure SPU adhesive, specially designed to glue Teakwood and Panels to ship decks ( CFK,steel, aluminium, wood). It cures when exposed to moisture in the air forming a tough, flexible bubble free seal.

It’s non-corrosive and has excellent adhesion and temperature stability.


Alexander – Refit avec TSC Bond


Al Salamah – Refit avec TSC Bond


Données techniques
Chem. Base SPU
Application temperature 10 ° C to 45° C
Dense 1,65 g / ml
Skintime 45 min
Curing within 24 h 2 mm
Min. Temperatur during transport - 15 ° C
Shelflife when stored at 5°C to 25 °C 12 Month
Temperature resistance after cure -30°C bis + 75° C
Durometer Hardness, Shore A 65
Shear Strength 2,4 N / mm²
Ultimate Tensile Strength (max elong) 1,9 N / mm²
Max. strain 60 %