TIKALFLEX Cleaning cloths C

Cleaning cloths C are highly effective, universal cleaning agents for gently removing sealant, PUR foams and adhesives before they have hardened by means of ready-to-use cloths from a practical dispenser.

Cleans hands | tools | surfaces of:

non-hardened adhesives and sealants such as

  • MS polymers (e.g. Tikalflex)
  • silicones
  • spray adhesives
  • PUR foams
  • PUR adhesives (e.g. Sikaflex)

non-hardened epoxy resins

lubricants (oil, lubricating grease, ink, dirt, grass stains)

paints (acrylic, oil, water based)


Simply clean up fresh residues or dirt with the cleaning cloth and clean hands, tools and surfaces.

In order to remove fresh paint or particularly stubborn stains from non-porous surfaces, simply leave a folded cloth to soak in for a few minutes on the surface and then remove stains by rubbing.

Technische Daten
Contents water-soluble solvents, thickener
Storage stability +5°C to +45°C
Lagerstabilität frost-free, dry, upright, 12 months unopened
Content 80 cloths (20×30 cm) dispensed singly